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How to use EC2 Connect to SSH into a Private Subnet

How to use EC2 Connect to SSH into a Private Subnet

1 Answers

Your instance must be reachable from the outside, either being placed in a public subnet and being attached with Elastic IP; or in a private subnet of a VPC on which Direct Connect, S2S VPN or VPC peering is used.

More info at Set up EC2 Instance Connect.

drh AWS Cloud Architect

bascially you need to create what we call a ‘jump box" in the US, some call it a bastion host, but back in the day bastion host meant the server running the firewall software, so i prefer jump box. From your jump box, on a public network you can connect to the private subnet. if you want an EC2 on a private subnet to be able to reach the Internet you will need a NAT GW, for things like updating the OS using yum or apt-get.

drh AWS Cloud Architect

in other words just adding the route to the NAT-GW is all you need.

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