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How to create Health Checks in Route 53?

The video lesson "Demo: Using a Failover Routing Policy" seems to skip how to create the health checks that are selected from a dropdown menu, while creating records with failover policy.  I configured two health checks using ‘endpoint’. But I am wondering if I need to choose one of the other options under "What to monitor".

Ariel Cintron

After finishing this chapter, I figured out what happened. The videos on my end do not appear in the expected order. The video walking through how to create health checks was listed last. It is called "Using Weighted Routing Policies". Make sure to watch it so that you can create health checks for Northern Virginia and Tokyo, as they are used in most of the other demos.

David N Angelina

Aha, and here comes the developer guide on how to creating and updating health checks —>

Saadoune Chamseddine

Hello, you’re right, in fact I think the order for this chapter is : Simple Routing -> Weighted Routing -> Latency Routing -> Failover Routing -> Geolocation Routing -> Geoproximity Routing -> Multivalue Answer Routing

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