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Help with the hands on lab “Create and Assume Roles in AWS”

Anybody figure out how to handle Step 8, ‘open S3 in  a separate tab?’

2 Answers

You can search for S3 up top.  On the results, right-click the S3 service search result and choose to open it in a new tab.


Cloud-based data storage solutions have now become the preferred choice for most modern businesses. This is primarily because leveraging a Cloud-based database makes it easier for businesses to ensure that their databases grow along with their unique data requirements and scale up or down on-demand or automatically to accommodate all peak-workload periods. Cloud-based databases enable businesses to efficiently settle all Data Availability and Security concerns as they allow for seamless Database Replication across multiple geographical locations, in addition to numerous backup and data recovery options. One of the most popular Cloud-based solutions is AWS.

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