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Failed to create role policy in CLI and console. No permission

Is any body here have the problem when trying to create role policy for user by using the AWS CLI. Then I go into the aws console to set up it and it state I don’t have permission to add the policy

4 Answers

Yes, I had the same problem, anyone can clarify this issue?

If you both can let us know what lab this is it would help and anymore information as people will need to be able to replicate this issue.


This is in the "Using EC2 Roles and Instance Profiles" lab which has a disclaimer that it’s no longer being supported or updated.


where is the disclaimer posted ?


oh, found it on the front of the lab outline.


ABOUT THIS LAB Thank you for your interest in this content. Unfortunately, this content is no longer being updated and some of it may be out-of-date.

David N Angelina

Hi Guys, thanks for your comment here. If I have the correct memory of this story, I was encountered this issue while using the playground. Not the outdated lab. Since It a very old question that i posted here. I could remember which section it is actually. Maybe more background info to be attached next time. Again thanks for all of your help on this question. 🙂

Json boot strap seems to be wrong, says to use aws configure after trying to update dev policy

David N Angelina

Thanks comment Muneeb, I will look this back later.

Not sure about this specific lab, however, I have come across this sitution in real life. Before you can assign any policies you first have to ensure that you have either assumed a role with the proper permissions via the cli, or that you have logged into the console with and account which holds the correct permissions. Perhaps the lab does not assign the correct permissions the role, maybe, because as another commenter pointed out, it’s not currently supported. Just a guess as I can’t reproduce the issue.

David N Angelina

Hi Mattheal, thanks for the sharing for the real life exp. Not sure if it is the case for the playground in this EC2 section. But it do great to know more from a real life case from your exp. 🙂

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