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ELB- Application load Balance web server url ?

If we have configured ALB for 3 different EC2 web server, which URL we have to use to browse? Since each web server has own public IP?

Dexter Wong

You use the load balancer’s DNS name. Ex open your load balancer – Description tab – DNS name arn:aws:elasticloadbalancing:us-east-1:437577725247:loadbalancer/app/myloadbalancer/92be3d9baf5161b2

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Agree, by default the load balancer provides a DNS for you to use ( It’s also possible to configure a static IP address when you configure the ELB if needed. In practice you only want web browsers to know about the ELB URL which will then foward the request to a registered instance.

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Just to clarify, the ARN is not the DNS name.  Those are 2 different attributes for a load balancer.  ALB’s themselves cannot have a static IP address (Network load balancers can have a static IP).  There are 2 ways you can in a way assign a static IP to an ALB: global accelerator and putting an NLB in front of an ALB (an ALB can be a target for an NLB).

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