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Dynamo DB Streams – taking your data global

The Dynamo DB console interface in the sandbox is completly different from the video-guide. Is it possible to revert to the interface used in the video-guide ?
Also DynamoDB replication does not work on the sand-box environment due to specific IAM ploicy rules for the cloud_user, although streaming is enabled. How to overcome this ?

2 Answers

To answer your first question, when you click on the DynamoDB service under the Services tab, there’s a hamburger menu that expands on the left side that has "Dashboard", "Tables", etc. listed.  Near the bottom of the menu items is "Return to the previous console experience", click it and it’ll revert the UI to the previous look before the most recent update.

Could anyone answer the second above mentioned queastion regarding sandBox and DynamoBD Repliation?

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