AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02)

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Do we need to complete the supporting course before moving on, or is it absolutely necessary topics for CSA exam?

The supporting courses section is confusing.

2 Answers

The supporting courses are totally optional.  If you have trouble with a particular exam domain, I would then check out the corresponding mini course.

Yulian Tang

okay thank you

In my opinion, the "ACG Learning Paths" PDF document that is provided as a resource in this course is misleading. It also conflicts with the AWS Architect learning path that is provided on the website ( The AWS Architect learning path describes a completely different list of courses that one should take prior to arriving at the SAA-C02 course. I personally have followed the latter path and I would feel a lot better if one of the website officials could approve both my claim and my approach. Moreover, there seems to be an old version and a new version of the SAA-CO2 course. I find this very confusing as well. I also hope an official can come out and explain why there has to be two courses and recommend the right one to take. Why not remove the old course?

Farzeen Rashid

I concur to the fact that the old version of this course is something that needs to be removed and was really confusing for me as well to determine the old vs new….

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