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Delete Marker Replication when deleting and uploading the same file?

If you do not enable ‘Delete Marker Replication’ for replication and you upload a file to the source, then delete it from the source, and then upload the same file to the source. What happens to the destination file? Does it create a new version so that you would have one version in the source and two versions in the destination?

Robert J Courtney

Please assume that the filename is the same and that the contents of the file might the same, but could have changed.

1 Answers

For anyone curious about this question, it is entirely possible to find out answers like these for yourself, by doing it in the labs (assuming you have access to the labs) — but I was curious, so I went ahead and did it. First I uploaded the file to the source bucket, forgetting to create the replication rule. Then I turned on the replication rule and uploaded the same file. This created a new version of the file in the source, making it evident that changes aren’t checked for the versions — one version per upload. So there were now 2 versions of the file in the source and 1 matching version in the destination. Then I deleted the file in the source, creating a third version in the source, which was actually the delete marker. Then I uploaded the same file again, resulting in 4 versions in the source and 2 matching versions in the destination — all of the same file — same file name and same contents.

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