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Confused with S3 availability

During the lesson it’s spoken that for example Intelligent Tiering has an availability of 99.99%; however, in the table it appears 99.9 of availability – What’s the correct data?

Daniil Dmitriev

Look at official docs in . 99.9 is correct

1 Answers

AWS provides 99.9% Availability for S3 Intelligent-Tiering according the to user guide (see Comparing the Amazon S3 storage classes here).

Since S3 Intelligent Tiering is either storing your file in S3 Standard (Availability 99.99%), S3 Standard-IA (Availability 99.9%) or S3 Glacier (99.99%) I would assume the availability would be the lowest of the tiers. It looks like there are some new optional features for using Glacier Flexible and Deep Retrieval which would make you wait from minutes up to to 12 hours.

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