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cloud_user is not authorized to perform

When trying to configure virtual MFA from a cloud sandbox I get the following error : cloud_user is not authorized to perform. So to follow the course we need to subscribe to AWS right ? And we can not use AWS cloud guru sandbox right ?

1 Answers

Hey Emmanuel – you can refer to the link below for specific limits ACG enforce on their AWS Sandbox. You will be alerted / get that error when you do not have access or certain permissions.

If the feature is not in this list, it is not offered on the AWS Cloud Sandbox at this time. A personal account would be fine to follow along in too, if you are aware of and accept any $$ charges associated with the resources deployed. A billing alarm could also help you out too.


What is purpose of sand box then if certain services are not available to user despite of full payment?


For example, end points are not available in sandboxes You need permissions You do not have the permission required to perform this operation. Ask your administrator to add permissions.

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