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Chapter 6.13 Using EC2 Roles & Instance Profiles AWS Terminal Issue

I am having a challenge with the provided terminal. Trying to complete the Chapter 6.13 lab for Using EC2 Role and Instance Profiles in AWS. I am logged in with the provided credentials, in the U.S East (N. Virginia) region. When I open the terminal I put in ssh username@ IP address, select yes after running and then it prompts password. Here is where my challenge exist. I can’t ctrl + v, right click paste or type the password to move to the next step. I have tried different browsers and different computers all are windows. Not sure why this is happening and would like to figure it out.

Evan Walsh

Interesting. I’ve never seen this issue. Can you confirm what web browser you are using? Chrome?

1 Answers

This is a good resource for troubleshooting SSH connections.

If you use terminal copy and paste seems ok, however I did find some unexpected behavior using the browser as a terminal. When prompted for the password, right click at the point you want to past and select paste and then hit enter. If that doesn’t work just type the password in to see that it’s accepting inputs.

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