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bootstrap scripts

What’s a practical usecase for a bootstrap script since it only runs just the once at creation time, and not on reboots?


Bootstrap scripts are used to make our jobs easier. It automates what you are creating. You provide the data, and the script creates the EC2/application or server. For example; when you click on a GUI window, that is a script running in the background. I hope this helps.

2 Answers

In my experience bootstrap scripts have been used when scaling EC2 instances.  When a condition exists where more EC2 instances are scaled up the bootstrap script ensure each new EC2 instance receives the parameters (sometimes outside of AWS) indicated in the bootstrap script.  This means each new EC2 instance will be autoconfigured.

A bootstrap script issues commands on the first runtime to install software and services. For example, the first time you spin up a web server, you have to log in as the root user, install any updates, and install and start the Apache web server. A bootstrap script automates the process.

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