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Bootstrap Script missing in ELB section 11.2

Here’s the code if anyone had trouble extracting it from the video:


yum update -y

yum install httpd -y

service httpd start

cd /var/www/html

echo "<html><body><h1>Hello Cloud Gurus This is Web Server 1</h1></body></html>" > index.html
Ryan Pfister


Shaun Falconer

Thanks (looks like its still missing)

Rebecca Wills

You can always askWrite my essays to do your work. This post is quite informative also.


no it does not work. Try as seen in post and without space between lines. both got the same result. This site can’t be reached

Xavier Perez

I have tried the script posted here too and it doesn’t work

3 Answers

Bootstrap script posted.

Thank you!

You can always ask to Write my essays to do your work. This post is quite informative also.

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