AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02)

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AcloudGuru portal showing 2 courses for AWS Certified Solution Architect

Same course showing up in 2 places, is there an update to any one of them or both the courses are same ?

Associate, Hello i see 2 courses for the same course, can anyone let me know if these are the same course or is any one of them is updated with new contents ? Adding both the course links over here AND


I have the same question….which one is more relevant / up-to-date? The avatar with short-hair Ryan or long-hair Ryan?

4 Answers

The new course is the updated one. If you were above a certain percentage when the new one came out then they let you continue with the old one, if not they put you back to 0%. I took both I finished the old one and saw the new stuff started at section 14. I took the section tests and if I passed then I figured I knew the info. I then got to section 14 and took it until the end.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C02) This is the one with Ryan with long hair. This was also released about a week or two ago. You can tell the difference due to the new one having "(SAA-C02)". The old one doesn.t have parentheses around the cert ID.

Marin Mircea

how do I ewmove the old one from DashBoard?

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