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ACG asks for account upgrade even when I have a business plan.

ACG is asking for to upgrade to a personal account plan even when I have a business plan. This happens every time I try to watch a video for the [SAA-CO2] course or in fact any other course. I dont know if this is a glitch by ACG. But it has become a vicious cycle where when I click on the video it takes me to the upgrade plan page where it has a button saying go back to dashboard if you have a business plan.

sai kiran rekapalli

Similar in here, trying to click "Continue this course" and it takes me nowhere, then I try to click on my next lesson and it takes me to the upgrade membership, It detects my current one is still valid because it gives the option to downgrade to the basic one.

James Reed

I am having the same issue.

Mary Louise Pascual

I’m having the same issue as well.

Also having the same issue


Having the same issue with a GCP course too. Tried with other courses and same thing. Should be a glitch

George Lorber

Also having same issue, must be an outage or something.

gayan ranasinghe

Also having the same issue ,when clicked on course video ,they redirect to membership plans page , fo frustrating

John Mason

Same problem


Probably an outage. Can’t access any video or initialize lab env.


ditto. glad to hear it wasn’t just me



Reynard Nagawidjaja


Ahmed Faraz

I am getting the same issue

Nik Bharrat

Glad it’s not just me. Sounds like a bug which I hope is rectified soon!

gayan ranasinghe

Actually ,not an outage ,a Bug


I too have same problem. Constantly being redirected to choose plan.

John Pritt

This is happening across the board. I’ve raised this with the ACG support desk. They’ve acknowledged there’s an issue and they’re looking into it urgently.

Prince Joseph

same for me

Tuukka Karna


I just want to listen to Faye Ellis tonight.


Same problem, here. If I click "Continue this course" it takes me nowhere. On my dashboard, if I click on the video preview on the top right of my screen I am prompted to select a subscription plan. I hope we are all compensated for this lost time.

Wyatt Jenkins

Having the same problem!

it’s working for me. all good.

Looks like it’s working now

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