AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02)

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2 courses for same certification

I see there are 2 courses for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. Curious to know why? Which one is the latest for the exam?


4 Answers

The newest course is AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C02) Both courses cover the same exam objectives, but the new one shows more updated AWS UI elements.

Mark Hankins

The new course also has additional info in it? It’s organized a lot better as well. I would highly recommend people do the new course over the old one.


really confusing right at the start xD

This is really misleading ACG, I did flag it to support weeks ago.  The course WITHOUT AWS in the link is the newer one.  It’s a lot of overlap, but the newer course is better organized, more up to date and a bit faster paced.  ACG really need to put a link on the old course (or just remove it and redirect to the new one).

The management team is implementing a plan to make the marking of the updated courses more clear.

Mark Hankins

Thanks. I know this is a real issue since the large organization I work for requires this cert for a lot of their technical staff. More than a few have done the old course because of this, and it’s led to additional training being required afterwards.

Thanks all. In the iPad app there are just icons, and so no links to distinguish between the two. Likewise for the practice exams.

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