AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Which Azure service to use?


1 Answers

Hi Khushboo, 

As mentioned in a previous thread, Microsoft does not allow content from their exams to be redistributed without permission, including from Practice Exams, nor from Exam Dumps. As part of our responsibility to the community, we’ve removed this content. Therefore, posting exam questions is very discouraged.

We definitely encourage discussion about particular topics, where there are discussion questions to go along with them. We do invite you to post a new thread to discuss the topic, including a discussion question, and some of your own thoughts on possible answers. The discussion question should not simply be the same question rearranged. It is useful to others if you attempt to explain your understanding of each of the solutions or services so that they may help you clarify what you’re missing.

We hope you keep up your involvement in our community!

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