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Where is the Face Recognition on the Microsoft website?

Chinnonye Okafor

went on it doesn’t look like facial recognition is available anymore. In a google search was the top of the search when looking for the following "microsoft face and emotion recognition". my guess is that it was probably removed? I tried to create a cognitive service using the face option but received the following error: ERROR TYPE The template deployment failed because of policy violation. Please see details for more information. Going through these labs, I’m seeing limitations on the sandbox for Azure. Is there any way we could have Azure Stack deployed for use of a lab with increased priviledges?

Alicia Cheah

Hi Chinnoye, thanks for your feedback – are you receiving that error via Cloud Playgrounds? If so, could you please check the Cloud Playground Support FAQ here: and email if you are not having much luck.

3 Answers

Hi DoubleAA, Face Recognition is now called ‘Face’ and sits under Cognitive Services.

Hi DoubleAA (Is that then "AAAA"?),

That demo has been taken down by Microsoft. I am in the process of updating the course, and will update that lab too. Thanks for the heads up.


If you are trying to do this in the ACG Azure Playground, there are limitations on what Cognitive services you can create.  In some cases, you can’t even create services that are available in the F0 Free Tier.  I hope they fix this as Playground is a great resource (until you bump into things like this).

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