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What is the opposite of scaling out?

The question is based on chapter 2.2.

Scale-up – exchanging the resource for the more powerful resource. The opposite of this process is scale-down – exchanging the resource for the less powerful.

Scale-out is adding identical resources to the pool – and this is happening when you need the additional resources. By applying the same logic as for scale-up/scale-down, the scale-out process should have some opposite process – so what is the name of the process when the additional resources are not needed anymore and they are being removed from the pool?


1 Answers

Hey Vladimir,

Great question.

You can scale out/in which adds more nodes or you can scale up/down which adds more resources to existing node/s.

Typically scaling out/in is preferred because it increases resiliency and performance at the same time. You can scale out (add more nodes) to meet demand and then scale in (remove under-utilized nodes) when demand is lower.

I hope that helps.

Vladimir Evseev

Thank you Wayne!

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