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What is the difference between scale-out and scale-up?

What is the difference between scale-out and scale-up?

Kotaru Venkat

Scale out – Adding resources (for EC2). Scale-UP – Increasing the size of the instances (from t2.micro to something else). Remember, if the "number" of the instances – Scale -OUT /IN (reducing). Not adding more instances but increasing/decreasing size – Scale-up/Down.


oh. now I get it thanks Venkat. cheers

Bill Gallery

Hi Vishal, I remember it as Scale Out – increase the number of instances, Scale Up – increase the memory, cpu count of an existing instance. Hope this helps

Bill Gallery

oh and there reverse is also true, Scale In – remove unnecessary instances, Scale Down – remove memory and cpu from the instance

2 Answers

Hey Vishal,

Scaling Out refers to adding resources. e.g. Moving from 1 server to 3 servers.

Scaling Up refers to improving existing resources. e.g. Moving from 1 small server to 1 large server.

Scaling out is synonymous with horizontal scaling.  Adding whole systems to grow the total resource pool. 

Scaling up is synonymous with vertical scaling.  Adding components like CPU, RAM, Disk, or I/O.

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