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What is AKS cluster?

What is AKS cluster and how different is it from a POD? Is a cluster deployed on the same node?

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Hi Sunil,

An AKS cluster is a cluster of nodes, typically control plane nodes (run k8 services and orchestrate app workloads) and worker nodes (run the actual application).

A Pod is a group of containers that are deployed together on the same host.

A node is a worker in K8s and has all the services required to run the pods (can be a VM for example)*ySGpvUseuuJiMf9_o5jnTA.png is a good representation of the node/pod difference

If you’re wondering what the difference between a node and pod is, explains it well with some nice graphical representations, in short, a pod is a group of one or more application containers, and all pods run on nodes.

TLDR: A cluster is 1 or more nodes, and a node can have 1 or more pods

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