AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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VM Pricing

Azure has shifted from per hour VM pricing to per second VM pricing correct?

1 Answers

Hi Melvin,

There are three different pricing models for VMs on Azure.

  • Spot Pricing
  • Reserved instances
  • Pay as You Go

The spot pricing and pay-as-you-go are both billed per second. It used to be per minute until about September 2019.

I hope this helps. More information here



Thanks for the info here Lars…..I had the same question. In the link you posted about pricing… is still showing hourly rates on the Azure site. If this specific question comes up on the exam… do you answer to how VMs on Azure are billed?

Lars Klint

As above I’d say. Billing per second would be tiny amounts, so hard to use in a test.

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