AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Unable to create a Resource Group in the demo.

I was unable to create a Resource Group in the demo. Says I didn’t have permissions to create it in P1-Real Hands On Labs. It didn’t matter what region I selected, I got the same error messaage each time. ACG guys you need to check this as everyone seems ot be having the same issues.

1 Answers

Hey Will,

You shouldn’t need to create a resource group in any of the labs. Always use the existing Resource Group when asked for a resource group. You may need to take note of the region before starting though, depending on what you’re creating.

Will Payet

Hi Wayne. Thanks for the answer. Take a look at this demo;

Will Payet

It asks you to create an RG as part of the demo and then to delete it.

Wayne Hoggett

Ok, yep. We might demo things that are not possible in cloud playground and hands-on labs. This allows us to show you something that you might otherwise not get a chance to see or do. In our hands-on-labs and cloud playground a resource group has always been created for you, so you can skip this step.

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