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Unable to connect to the Azure VM

I am not able to connect to the VM I created.  It says there is an error in NetworkWatcherRG. I wish I could attach a screen shot here.

1 Answers

Network Watcher is not required for you to connect to a VM, so even if for some reasons you’re not able to deploy Network Watcher, it’s not a big deal for VM connection.

You might want to check:

  • Do you have any Network Security Group associated to the NIC of VM or Subnet where VM is located, or both? Do you have any rule defined that allows you to reach the VM?

  • Which error did you have when you failed to connect to the VM?

Rufeng Xu-friedman

Thanks, Ruan ! In the intruction, it says to pick the region where the security group is in. but I could not tell from the security group name where it was. So I picked US east. This might be a problem. By 3rd try, I left it as default, and it worked. Thanks for your help.

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