AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Types of Azure App Services

I’m confused about the types of app services and how this could be asked about on the exam. ACG says 3 main categories:  Web Apps, Web Apps for Containers, API Apps. However, the MS documentation at clearly says the types of app services are: Web Apps, API Apps, WebJobs, and Mobile Apps. Which is it?

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Hi JH,

That is a good observation. And it is kinda both. Web Apps, Web Apps for Containers and API Apps are the three infrastructure types of App Services on Azure. Depending on which one you choose, each provide a different way to manage and deploy apps. 

The link you provided talk about the application types that Microsoft focus on. A Webjob is a feature within an App Service that lets you schedule simple jobs, a mobile app is a backend web app for a mobile application frontend. 

Having said that, I reckon I can do a better job of explaining this. Thank you a ton for making me aware. I have just released a bunch of updates for the course, but will add it to the list for the next round 😊


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