AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Taking the exam – with a VM?

Hello fellow Azure people!

I’m ready to tackle AZ-900/(And eventually AZ-500), with one issue: I don’t have access to Mac or Windows.

For my exams, due to the pandemic and location, it’s difficult for me to get an exam in real-life. (Especially AZ-500 as there are no locations in my country offering this certification currently.)

I can, however, run Windows on a virtual machine.

Would a full-screen VM be acceptable for the exam? Does anyone have experience with it?

1 Answers

If you plan to take an online-proctored exam, you will need proper video conf. capability, i.e. a functional webcam, microphone and speaker. It depends on the hypervisor you use, experience of using those peripheral devices may vary. If for any reason your hypervisor crashes, that will be a big issue.

If you’re owning a non-Windows computer that is capable enough to run a hypervisor for Windows VM, why don’t you just temporary spare a few dozens of GBs on your drive and install a copy of Windows onto? Then simply erase it from your computer after you completed the exam.

Agnes Borg

Thank you for the reply, Tuan! Yes, I can run a Windows VM, and get the microphone/webcam working. Ran the test-software. I was a bit unsure however, since rules for PearsonVUE says "Usage of Linux machines are strictly prohibited".

Yeah, this is totally correct. I had exams very recently

Tuan LE

@Agnes: it’s easy for a software to determine whether it’s running on a real hardware or it’s running on top of a hypervisor. I believe that the exam-application can do such thing and it might not allow you to install at the beginning. Hence, like I said, just spare a couple of GB on your drive and install a copy of Windows onto. Windows allows you to use it as a trial for a short amount of time, before it forces to activate, and that’s more than enough for you to take an exam. Don’t risk your exam experience with a virtual machine, never! 😉

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