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Subscription shows ‘Azure Subscription 1’

I followed the directions to create a FREE tier subscription, but the portal is showing ‘Azure Subscription 1’.  The price for my VM is $70.08 a month; NOT good.  Why do I not have free tier subscription?

Sanjay Istwal

Its showing up same for me..i am also not getting Free Subscription…can someone help here?

Sanjay Istwal

Seems like none from Cloud Guru is interested in looking in this. I also feels whatever they are teaching and showing is not what we are actually seeing in Azure portal


I created a new email and then followed the instructions and I get the same instead of the "Free Trial" I also see the ‘Azure Subscription 1’. This is a brand new account and not sure what went wrong. I was hoping that the folks from ACloudGure could at least make some comments here if not provide a reasoning or solution.

2 Answers

You could try creating a new account (email address) 

Who is eligible for the Azure free account?

The Azure free account is available to all new customers of Azure. If you’ve never tried or paid for Azure before, you’re eligible.


Hi Patrick,

Make sure you are following the link saying "start free" on in an incognito/InPrivate browser instance. This will make sure there is no existing MS account already registered in the browser. Then use an email address that is 100% certain to not already be in the MS system. You can create a new free email account at or

This should work (I just tried it again).


Patrick Angers

Thanks Lars, that worked.

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