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Resource age is not related to pricing?

Hello guys! I’m just thinking about the explanation in the summary for one question regarding pricing which says "How much you use a resource or the age of it do not influence the price", but is not the same to have a VM for a month than a year right? Am I missing something here?

Thanks for your tips!

Subba Rao Lukka

When they say age, they are referring to age of the hardware i.e. a 3 year old server will cost the same as being on brand new server. Of course there is no way to know how old the hardware you are being hosted on is. Secondly to ‘how many use a resource’ – eg if there a server that can host 20 vms, as a user your pricing will not depend on if Azure is hosting just your vm on it or if they are hosting 15. Hope this is helpful.


This was very clear, thank you Subba!

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