AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Practice quiz – Question about Premier support plan doesn’t seem to link to this support plan

I was making the practice quiz for AZ-900 and came across this question: "Which Azure Support Plan can offer the lowest possible response time for the most critical incidents?"

After answering the question, the following link was given for further information:

However, I don’t see a mention of the Premier support plan here. Could I be missing something on the page or is the page itself incomplete?

3 Answers

Hi Eddy,

Great pickup. Microsoft seems to have moved the Premier support to its own page:

I will make sure the resources for the question are updated.



Thanks for this post – things make a litte more sense now although this is still confusing. I just stumbled upon this very same discrepancy and started to assume that the Premier support plan doesn’t exist anymore. To make sure I googled for it and then still found it.

5 mount after the initial Post .. and the Practice Exam is still not updated !! 

Multiple Question are related to Support Plan ..

There are SO many questions with Premier still in the answers and it’s not a thing anymore!

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