AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Passed the AZ-900 within the free trial period

You know, call me a skeptic or a cynic, but I believe most course vendors are in it to make money selling courses, NOT to have their users pass the exams. I’ve bought subscriptions to other vendors in the past, completed their courses and FAILED the tests. why? Because the courses were equal to a course syllabus, while the exam itself was super granular and very detail oriented. Like thinking you can perform open heart surgery because you Wiki-How’ed the procedure that morning… 

A Cloud Guru: I just wanted to say: thank you. Within the trial period I completed the AZ-900 course, took the practice test some 7 times in a row (4 the first day, then 3 the next) and right after the 7th, then I drove to the exam facility and I PASSED.

YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL! Thanks again. it goes without saying I am a believer, and a paying customer now 😉 Onwards to the AZ-300!

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Hi Anthony,

This makes me very happy to read. As a full time instructor driven to pass on my passion for technology, cloud computing and Lego, I strive every day to make you, the student, get that little bit closer to your next goal. That could be passing an exam, learning how to set up a continuous integration pipeline or creating unit tests for your code. Whatever it is, it is about you. Selling the courses is just the way that we can continue to create the very best content possible. In that way it is a win-win. 

I am sure you will have as much success with the next course, but make it AZ-303 though 😉

Welcome to the Azure cloud goodness mate. 


Anthony C.

Thanks Lars! You as well! Question though if I may: I looked for the AZ-303 course on ACG. I was unable to locate it.

Lars Klint

It’ll be there soon. As always, I can’t give any exact timelines as quality content takes the time it takes.

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