AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Passed the AZ-900 today !!

Passed the AZ-900 today from the comfort of my home (in the UK) ! Feels strange taking exams at home ! Nevertheless a big shout out to the main man, Lars, for his assistance and the course material. I had 37 questions and 60 minutes to answer them in. Some advice for anyone thinking of taking this test in the near future:

  • go through this course

  • read and understand all of the AZ-900 stuff on Microsoft Learn

  • I also found some test exams on Udemy which surprisingly had questions very similar to the exam itself

  • know Azure Government, Blueprints, Policies

  • had a strange one regarding enabling JIT in VMs – so know this as well

Good luck to everyone taking or in the process of taking this exam !

Stephen Lynch

I passed AZ-900 today too 🙂 Got an 850 which I’m pretty pleased with. I had 43 questions. I was comfortable with almost everything except some questions on Network Security Groups. I clearly didnt know them well enough.

Stephen Lynch

Thanks to Lars for making his content interesting (some improvement on the ACG quizzes would be good I think). I covered all of the cert learning path on Microsoft Learn. I churned through most of the test quizzes on Whizzlabs (didnt use the videos, they havent a patch on how Lars teaches). Found pretty late in the game (day before exam) but it certainly helped confirm the knowledge I had learned.

2 Answers

Well done Zaf. That is an awesome first step to get your head properly in the clouds 😊

The JIT for VMs sounds like one of those test questions MS like to throw in to see if you know more. They usually aren’t counted towards your score I believe.


Congrats !!

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