AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Passed the AZ-900 Exam!

Just passed the AZ-900 exam. I came from an AWS and Linux background, so Microsoft and Azure are totally new areas for me. Small fish in a big pond once again, everyday a school day.

I went through the AZ-900 course given by Lars, who even made Compliance seem interesting, ’nuff said. Supplementing with Azure Documentation is always recommended and this exam was no different. Some questions I did not expect, but overall, taking the AZ-900 course and a little night-time reading, will suffice. 38 questions total and 60 minutes to finish. Managed a score of 820.

AZ-104 is next! Thanks Lars!

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"I went through the AZ-900 course given by Lars, who even made Compliance seem interesting"


Thanks David for the kind words, and well done on passing! You are now bathed in the glory from multi-cloud ☀

Lars Klint

Wow, putting a hashtag in front of a word makes #MASSIVE

I just passed the exam AZ-900 yesterday 2nd June 2021 with a score 835/1000 , I’m very Happy!!!. Thanks a lot Lars. The content of this cours was very good. Now next target is DP-200+DP-201 or DP-203. Can’t wait!!!

Thanks again!!!

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