AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Passed the AZ-900 certification today!

Hi Cloud Gurus,

I just passed my AZ-900 Certification today! I had 42 questions but all of them were covered by the A Cloud Guru Microsoft Azure Fundamental course, so all good! I went through the course 2 times, did all the labs and demos 1 time and I must admit I had some previous knowledge about Cloud concepts before, but not too much. 

So I would say that this course was more than enough to pass the exam 🙂 Thanks Lars, you rock!

1 Answers

Well done!! And awesome job Ionascu. Glad the course could help you out and that you passed. 


Moses Atanda

Hey Lars, i passed my AZ900 on my first try today. Your made learning so easy. thanks you so much

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