AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Passed my AZ-900 yesterday. Some off the wall questions but still scored high

Passed the exam but was worried as there were some questions I had no idea about.  One had to do with JIT (just in time) connections.  Another was about "azure initiatives".  Oh well, still scored a 925.

Paul T


Kenneth Ingram

thank you

2 Answers

Hi Kenneth,

Well done! That is an impressive score. Free hat for you sir! 

Could you please elaborate on the unexpected questions? At times MS will throw some into exams to see if students have knowledge of certain areas, but these questions aren’t scored. 


Kenneth Ingram

Hi Lars, the question was something like "What Azure service would you use for Just In Time (JIT) access?" I know Security Center has a feature called JIT Access but I have not dived into it yet to understand it. The other was on Policy groups called Initiatives. You may have mentioned it but I didn’t recall it while sitting for the exam. Thank you for a great course. Ken

Lars Klint

Awesome. Thanks for the details Ken. I will keep them in my notes to see if this is a recurring question. 😊

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