AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Passed my AZ-900 exam on Monday

I passed the AZ-900 exam on Monday morning. I took this as a follow up to the AWS Cloud Practitioner I took a couple weeks ago and passed. The one course and practice tests was enough for me to get an 850 on the exam.

One thing I will note is the format of the exam did throw me a little bit. A LOT of the questions were multi-part where you were given three statements about a specific service, configuration, etc and you had to select if the statement was true or not. I would say this was almost half of the test I took. There were also a fair amount of questions that had multiple answers and the question specified each correct answer was worth one point, with a couple of them having correct answers on all lines that need to be selected. It wasn’t bad, but you had to be a lot more careful and read the questions a little closer than on the practice tests here and on the AWS Certification exam.

For my prep it really was just taking this course, as well as the overlap in cloud concepts from the AWS course. Big props to Lars for making the material pretty easy to breeze through.

As I went through each chapter I would take notes on the big points and the exam tips for study later. Once I was at the end of the course I saved that off as a pdf so I could scroll through and use it as a cram/study document to review the morning of the test. I also took the multiple practice tests until I was blue in the face. One thing I recommend is when you take the tests, review the wrong answers so I know what I got wrong and why. Sure this really only helps you learn the practice tests, but I have found that the practice tests give you enough information to look at and understand why the answer is wrong and what the right one is. I used the same process on my AWS exam as well.

Jayesh Panicker

Congratulations Mike!

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Hi Mike,

Well done. That is pretty neat that you could kinda go from one cloud to another. In regards to the exam, they change the types and number of questions a fair bit from what I hear from other students. It’s hard to predict what the pool is made up from. 

Thanks a ton for the feedback on the quizzes and test exams we put together. We spend a LOT of time and effort on those, to give you and other students the best prep we can. It generally takes 2-3 hours per question once they have been written, reviewed, tested and deployed. 

Onwards to more cloud!


That’s great, I’m glad you were able to do it. I know how hard it was. As difficult as it was for me to pass a written exam. I was asked to write an essay, but it was hard for me to concentrate. Good thing I managed to find completely free essays online and that bailed me out. My essay turned out to be unique and I passed the exam with ease.

Congrats Mike..!!

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