AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Passed AZ-900 Today

Passed my exam today!!! First of all, many thanks to Lars Klint and the team for the entertaining content. Must admit that your sense of humour did help at some dry sections of the course.

Prep resources:

Thoroughly prepared for nearly a week and scored 780 (was hoping for a better score). Used the following resources to prepare for the exam:

ACG COURSE + Practice test (Four attempts with a maximum score of 95). (Focussed on common services) 

Improvements for Course:

1. Need to cover some section in further details e.g. Resource groups, Subscriptions, Security Centre, Locks.

2. Need to have a lab of creation of resource group, managing resources within, adding tags, locks.

3. Practice exam needs improvement to represent real world exam format.

Feedback on exam:

1. Topics to pay attention to:

Subscription options and its management (can you transfer, what happens when it expires etc)

Resource groups (inheritance, locks, tags)

Service Centre, Azure Monitor, Compliance manager (general features)

Cloud concepts (especially the different models public, private and hybrid)

Governance in general had lot of questions

No questions for me on service health, compliance requirement in details (NIST, GDPR, ISO), Azure updates, Preview portal.

2. Found the questions easy but hard to score as it had multiple questions where you had a question on a service and it had subsections with fine details related to that service with a yes or no option. Each correct response had 1 point. Some of the options were very close and confusing unless you have hands on experience with that service or extreme memory retention capabilities.

3. Have recently cleared AWS CCP (scored 881) and found that while the questions in CCP were more complex especially the language, the level of detail you need to know for a particular service is more important in Azure exam. (Haven’t posted a similar forum post for AWS exam cause I went straight into this exam, on a mission right now!!)

4. Had few questions where you had to select from a drop down, mark a setting in the picture, drag drop etc but if you are clear with the concept you would not find it difficult to answer. To mark the settings in a picture you need to have hands on experience. Ensure you complete as many lab exercise as possible.

5. Finally I had a delay in exam launch. Took the exam from home office, the mail notification asks you to login 15min prior to exam would recommend logging in at least 30 min before the exam as the check in process can take some time.

Hope this helps, Good luck to all!!!!

Abraham Hayat

Thanks for the update, the changes in the exam format are making me think twice about taking it right awat

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Microsoft AZ-900 exam is one of the most valuable exam. Recently i have passed az-900 in the first attempt with the help of latest az-900 practice questions. It was the best experience in my life.

Hi BP,

Congratulations! I am so happy I could help you make the dry a bit more moist 😁 I mean governance isn’t exactly a red race car or a space rocket. But we got there!

Thanks a lot for the very thorough feedback. I will take your comments and suggestions into consideration for my next course update (I really will). 

Thanks again.

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