AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Passed AZ-900 Some Exam recommendations that worked for me. THANK YOU LARS!!!

Just passed my AZ-900 Today March 9th, 2021. Not wasting any time. Going to start working toward AZ-104 today.
My score was 880 the lowest area was compliance with an 81% all others were in the mid 90 percentiles.

If you follow Lars’ AZ-900 course and supplement any of the info he provides with the information from Microsoft’s docs site and Look at this info here.. as well as his videos, I believe you’ll have the perfect setup to pass this course.

Trust Lars and use the labs so you can become and if possible, the sandbox if you have access to it to learn this material. IF I can learn it and pass this test ANYONE can.

Here are the steps I took: (This may or may not work for you, but it worked for me)

1. Schedule your exam before you start your course. (IMHO, it will force you to study daily, if you’re a week out from your exam and you don’t feel ready, simply reschedule it, it won’t cost you.) I did this and it helped.

2. Watch the AZ-900 Intro video to get to know Lars and his awesome personality.

3. I took the practice exam that is located at the end of the az-900 course to see where I am (To give me a start point)

4. Start the AZ-900 course, take notes, stop the video and back it up if there is something you don’t understand.

5. after each module, I created flashcards with questions on one side and simple fast answers on the other. Don’t make these flashcards a quiz. They’re a learning and retention tool. Draw pictures on them to help you visualize what you’re studying. BEST THING)

6. Go to Adam Marczak’s website and review his Cheat sheets, and perhaps supplement Acloudguru’s info with his.

7. Find and purchase some practice exams. there are a few out there. (Lars also suggests one, but it’s very expensive) I used tutorialdojo because they were inexpensive and they have drag and drop, yes and no answers, just like the real exam. The tutorialdojo exam did have some repetitive questions and I do wish that Acloudguru and the other practice exam would have a larger pool of questions. But it still helped quite a bit.

  1. The day before the exam, DO NOT STUDY Hard.. skim over your flash cards, don’t get discouraged if you get some wrong. You will remember when you’re taking the exam. Perhaps review some of Lars’ or Adam’s videos in the subjects that you consider yourself a bit weak.

9. THE NIGHT BEFORE THE EXAM. RELAX.. get some good sleep. Remember this test is not the end of the world. Sleep well and look forward to the exam.

10. Day of the Exam. IF you’re doing the proctored at home version as I did, remember that ONLY the english proctored version is available. Be sure that you start at least 30 minutes before the exam, contact support to have them walk you through it, so you can insure that you don’t miss a single thing., if you signed up through Microsoft’s site, use the link and simply contact them. Or call them. Believe me, it will save you a headache. My proctor didn’t show even though I had been waiting in queue for 20 minutes. So I ended up starting my test late. BUT… I still had plenty of time to finish.

11. if you’re testing from home or office, be sure that your desk is CLEAR OF EVERYTHING. no pens, paper, phone, food or drink. Also you CANNOT cover your mouth during the exam. So don’t do it. PUT YOUR PHONE ON DO NOT DISTURB!!! and place it in a drawer so you’re not even tempted to use it.

12. Once the exam starts, focus on your exam nothing else. Have fun with it and realize that you will rock this test. It’s easier than you think, as long as you studied.

13. After you pass, move on to the AZ-104 (As of March 9, 2021) and keep the momentum going.

GOOD LUCK!!! and I hope this was a bit of help to you. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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Hi Randy,

Sorry for the late reply, but congratulations mate!! That is a very impressive score too. Those steps are super helpful, so much appreciated for putting it all together and taking the time. Welcome to cloud 😊



Not a problem. you’re busy. Thank you very much.

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