AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Passed AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Hello fellow Azure Students,

Just passed the AZ-900 exam. First certification of 2020 achievement unlocked :).

Here is a quick view of the study methods, resources, and exam topics.

Study Tools:

A Cloud Guru Course – My son and I took this together in a single weekend. Loved this course. This took ~8.5 hours @ 1.25 speed with multiple rewatches of some topics.

Completed the Azure Fundamentals learning paths training

Sped through this training in ~4 hours the evening before the exam. I enjoy reading; This material is well organized and worded so It was not hard to breeze through.

About the exam.

I am not new to certifications, averaging ~3 per year since 2011. However, this was the first Microsoft exam I have taken since obtaining the MCSE back in 2000.

I was pleasantly surprised at the exam format. It began couple of scenario based questions that could not be reviewed. The questions remained the same, while the answer changed and made the statement T/F. Then transitioned to the more familiar multiple choice exam, where you can mark questions for later review. Often questions would contain several true false questions in a single question, each counting as individual points. Another question type that was new was a statement (1-2 sentences) with an underlined section. The goal is to select the best alternative (multiple choice) to replace the underlined section with, or leave it as is.

Exam topics to know:

The exam blueprint has all the main details, read through the list, if don’t understand something, look it up as part of your study routine.

Understand these services and how they interact with each other.

     Resource groups

     Subscriptions (AD tenants)

     Management groups

     Azure Firewall and Network Security Groups.

     Azure Policies

     Azure service health

     Trust Center versus Compliance manager

     Azure Cost Management


     CLI installation and Tools

Best of luck on your AZ-900 journey.


KBACG -Keep Being Awesome Cloud Gurus


Passed the AZ-900 today; and second the list from Karlos above. Questions with an underlined section raised both eyebrows, yet the answer is there to read. Moving to AZ-103 and AZ-500, then later AZ-300/301. Or whatever they will be in the near future.

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That is a brilliant list Karlos. Thank you so much for putting this together 🥰

Congratulations, and well done blitzing your first cert for 2020! Best of luck with the next step on your cloud journey!

Thank you Karlos, I used your list as a reference and passed the exam this morning!

Lars Klint

Well done! Now you owe me cake. I don’t make the rules….

Congrats James,  glad the tips helped.

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Liam steffen

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