AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Passed AZ-900

I passed the AZ-900 test today and here are some advices:

Do not study only taking Cloud Guru course and practice test. I did that and saw several questions that was not covered in the course. The practice test of Cloud Guru was useful but has few questions in the pool. I advice to took microsoft free course and try other practice tests also to be comfortable to take the exam.

I took from 80 to 100% in the cloud guru tests and got only 790 points in the exam.

Jim Parsons

That should be said for ANY MS exam. The lectures are all overviews. The test answers lie in . The questions are always Enterprise and never straight forward. Read the docs!

Pedro Dalston

yes, i agree.

2 Answers

Hi Pedro,

Well done on passing the exam 😁 Welcome to the Azure cloud.

Can you elaborate on which questions not covered? I’d love to make the course and questions better all the time, so any feedback would be awesome.


Jim Parsons

Passed mine today as well. Without disclosing specifics, I had questions related to who could access and who couldn’t access the various Azure clouds, such as Gov, SLA questions for subscriptions, nested resource groups, Service Trust, and there were a lot of technical answers such as when you delete certain resources, some associated resources remain – which should you immediately remove to save money. I loved your series, watch this past weekend – Humor made me stay involved.

Paul T

A couple of missing items like Scale Sets and the Modern Life Cycle are not in the course. For Pricing the inbound and outbound pricing needs added to the course. SLA is the multiplication of the SLAs. "Just In Time" access needs added as part of security center.

Pedro Dalston

"just in time" ! good catch. I had one too.

Kenneth Ingram

Looks like everyone is getting the JIT question now. I had that on my exam last week.

2 more items, Microsoft Defender for Identity – was Azure Advanced threat protection (ATP). for IoT Hub, the 2 storage options for the data are…i believe Blobs and Data Lakes.

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