AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Passed AZ-900

Happy to have passed the AZ-900 exam today with an 833.

I come from a background of no code / no cloud knowledge and started learning with ACG at around about the start of this month. Really enjoyed the course which was easily digestible and entertaining, with pleasing levels of contemporary llama content.

Used the AZ-900 Exam Prep course and followed along also with the corresponding Microsoft Learn pathways (good mix of learning styles as ACG is heavily video while Learn is a lot more text-based).

Did the practice exam on ACG enough times to routinely hit 90%+ which I think is essential before tackling the real thing. The concepts become quite granular and targeted revision is essential. Focus on specificity, not just general concepts if you want to hit 850+.

I didn’t register with any paid practice exam providers as I wanted to keep my costs down, so I can vouch that between ACG and Microsoft Learn you can go from 0 knowledge to being AZ-900 ready as long as you put in enough work.

Looking forward to sticking around and growing my Cloud knowledge further, thanks ACG and Lars for starting me off.



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Hi Matt,

That is a brilliant message! Thank you so much and huge congrats on passing 900 Llamas. Oh wait, cloud llamas. No, that’s not right either. AZ-900? Yeah, that one. We are all cheering for you to tackle 104. 


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