AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Passed AZ-900 (Feb 2020)

Hello there! Today I sat the AZ900 exam and passed! 740 score. 
I have previous certifications in AWS – Certified cloud practitioner and AWS architect. 
Do NOT take this course lightly. Since the questions are minimal (about 45)- you cannot miss too many before you fail. You must know all of your subject material before you try to sit your exam. I would highly recommend tho if you have previous AWS certs, you should try for Azure as well. A LOT of things transfer over pretty easily. I only studied this course and took each Whizlabs practice exam once and reviewed the answers. 
I would suggest to ACG to update the course material on pricing and when and where does it cost to spend money and when it does not. I would go into a little more detail than this course into pricing and cost. 
Also cover scale sets at a high level and know what it is – I do not remember this course going over what it was – but I was able to take a good guess based on my previous AWS stuff. 
Thanks so much for the help guys – 3 certifications from you guys so far. 
As of January 2020 I have started a new position as a System Administrator, and i have to give ACG a lot of credit for helping me with getting there. I was working as  desktop support admin and my company uses Azure in a hybird environment – they saw I had learned my AWS stuff and brought me on board as a sys admin and now im getting my hands dirty finally!! Working at home and a great raise! Great start to this new year. Thank you so much Ryan and Sam for helping me get there! 
On to the AZ-103 cert 🙂


Congrats! So you are saying the prep of this course will be enough to meet the latest (lets say in your case / Feb2020) exam level? I am asking as there was a lot of discussion on what else to prepare and learn beside ACG material to pass the exam.

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Hi Puppy(?),

Well done on passing. Your Azure cloud path has begun 😁

I have made a note of your recommendations and will look into it on the next scheduled maintenance period. I really appreciate it.

Congrats on the new role. It is incredibly rewarding to hear and to know we at ACG played a small part in your success. It is humbling. Keep it up mate.


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