AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Passed AZ-900 Exam today with 900/1000 Score, Thanks a lot to the CloudGuru Team.

The course was very entertainining and easy to digest thanks to the acloudguru team!!!

4 Answers

Hi Prag,

Well done! That is excellent news. And thanks for the feedback on the course. I am very happy you enjoyed it (and passed).


Lyman Kevin

I also passed today. Thanks Lars. What do now?

Prag, thats a great score. Could you share your study methods or training taken to prepare for the AZ900 exam.

you would not be able to pass now the AZ-900 test it is not multiple choice anymore most is drag and drop and fill in. I had the highest score in the US that day with a 790. Extremely hard test and brain dumps will not help

Yes Michael, the exame was updated this month, I don’t pass at last saturday. I think the level of the questions has been increased. But let’s go, in few days I’ll pass.

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