AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Passed AZ 900 Exam

Exams Passed – the Exams was quite Easy – Quite Disappointed I did not get more marks

43 Questions 60 mins

14 questions was yes / No and each yes/ NO had 3 questions – so technically 42 Questions

2 Drag and Drop

Choose the correct one / fill in the blanks but they give the options to select

and the rest was MCQ – Theses Practice Tests was Valid – 75% exact and the rest a bit of Curve ball from – in the one Yes and No I got all 3 wrong even thou it was the last thing I Struggled with the night before

On Average theses test was generally enough if you wanted to pass but the 

Instructor Lars Clint  from ACG was the best and made it enjoyable to learn – Quite upset that I don’t have him when I start 104 in a few days time

Thanks ACG – with the Microsoft learn pages all you really need some practice test from exam topics . com and you thru


Hello Aziz, Just finished this course and just starting to study. Can ask what you looked at in your prep for this exam besides this course?

1 Answers

Hi Aziz,

First of all, your name is in a quote from a favourite movie, The Fifth Element. Thanks for being you 🙂 

Thanks for the feedback and kind comments. I am happy the Firewall Bridge was helpful in your studies. Out AZ-104 course is still excellent though, if you are considering taking that next.


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