AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Passed AZ-900

I was happy to finish the AZ-900 exam today with a score of 820.

I had started preparing about 4 months ago, right when I got a job that included administering a small Azure environment. At the time, I tried using only the free materials on Microsoft Learn, but it felt like a super-long learning path that was 90% reading long web pages. I took a break from it and just started learning-by-doing in our Azure portal for a while. Then when I found the ACG course about two weeks ago, it felt perfect for me. I finished it really quickly, taking lots of notes in OneNote, and then doing well on the quizzes and practice exam. I’m looking forward to using ACG for more Azure training — both their Azure DevOps course and the AZ-104 course.

Regarding the exam, it felt a bit more challenging than expected, considering that I thought I prepared well (re-reading my OneNote notes multiple times, and taking all the ACG quizzes and practice exam at least twice). I particularly stumbled on questions in the category of network security, but I nailed most of the other categories.

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Well done Louis! That is a great first step in your cloud journey and I am happy to have played a small part in it. 

Best of luck with AZ-400 and AZ-104 (do 104 first).


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