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not eligible for an Azure free account

I believe a long time ago, I may have gotten a free Azure account. But I signed up for a new outlook email and tried to get a free account. But it is telling me that I am not eligible for an Azure free account. Are there ways around this or are there cookies kept somewhere? I also have a corporate Azure Account, but I am not signing in with that.

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Hi cyoung35,

I am not sure exactly what could be the issue with your account and what the error is. There are some steps you can explore in this FAQ. Have you tried in an incognito mode Chrome window, or InPrivate Edge session? That could also help according to other reports.

Let me know what you come up with.


I would make sure to clear your browser cache especially if you may have more than one microsoft account, like an employer account it will often default back to that or reference it. If you have credentials for any ineligible accounts it will block you so it may be picking up your other credentials. You also may need to create a new personal microsoft account and use that to create your free use Azure account. Sometimes that clears issues like that up.

I often use one browser type for my free access and all my other existing microsoft account in another browser to keep them from causing the other issues.

I also have a corporate Azure Account, but I am not signing in with that.

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