AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Passed on 10-Aug-2020

Hello Cloud Gurus,

Very Happy to say yesterday i cleared Azure Fundamentals exam. I would like to say my special thanks to Lars Klint for explaning the AZ-900 concepts and helping me out clearing this exam.

For people who are very eager to pass this exam, i sincerely recommend to listen ACloudGuru courses. I have prepared my exam by listening to Lars Klint (AZ-900) full course and completed. Later i also registered AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals by Alan Rodrigues in Udemy, excellent course and strongly recommend to also opt this one with 215 practise questions and Course content. Last, i also registered in Whizlabs to ensure how far am i ready for exam and it really helped me. So the passing mantra is:

1. Lars Klint AZ-900 Course

2. Alan Rodrigues practise tests and course (Much recommended)

3. Whizlabs

Thats it and you will definitely crack this exam. 

In my exam, i got 29 questions and got 60 minutes window. Please note 3 questions of (Yes / No) are combined as single question and if one of them is wrong, you wont award full point but you can gain individually.

Ex: Question No: 1

a) AZ-900 course is easy or Hard (yes/no) – 1 point

b) Lars Klint is excellent in explaning Cloud Concepts (yes/no) – 1 point

c) Alan Rodrigues is excellent in explaining AZ-900 (yes/no)  – 1 point

Question (1) is termed as correct if and only if all the above (a), (b), (c) are correct but dont worry even if you go wrong one of the above, the correct answered ones are awarded points.(Eg: (a),(b) are correct and (c) is wrong and you can still get points for (a),(b)

Overall, you have to reach 700 points to pass the exam and we can reach it with some efforts.  

Wishing all my CloudGuru folks ALL THE BEST and GOOD LUCK who are preparing and getting ready for exam.

3 Answers

Hi Kalki,

Congratulations! That is awesome. Welcome to the Azure cloud journey my friend. 

I am happy you liked the course and got value from it. Good luck on your future cloud path.


Kalki Babu Todagala

Thank you a lot Lars Klint.. 🙂

Hi Lars

unable to find Azure Data Engineer Course in ACG. Is there any course uploaded on Microsfoft Azure Data Engineer?

Any help is greatly appreciated



Thank you for sharing valuable information. 

Kalki Babu Todagala

Hi Chris, Please note clearing exams using the above dumps will not fetch you knowledge & will make you to struggle real time project experience.

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