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Lab says storage creation failed 403 how can i fix that error ?

Lab says storage creation failed 403 how can i fix that error ?

kayed a.jufain

i do like what lecturer did but still said storage creation failed error:403

1 Answers

Hi Kayed,

It sounds like you’re having issues when you go to create storage manually yourself. If I’ve misunderstood this, or you’re getting the 403 error in some other scenario (e.g. just by opening the lab, or when creating Cloud Shell storage) just let me know.

There are a few things to look out for when creating storage. The safest approach is to complete the below steps:

1) Login to your hands-on lab
2) Take a look at Resource Groups
3) Take note of the location your Resource Group is currently in
4) Navigate to Create New Resource > Storage
5) Create a new storage account as below:

Use the location of the Resource Group you noted earlier
Ensure you use a unique Storage Account name 
Leave the defaults as-is for now, and see if everything works

If you run in to any issues through this step, the deployment should fail, and you should be able to see more information about why. You can also navigate in to the Resource Group itself, choose ‘Deployments’ in the menu on the left, and see any history of failed attempts.

Otherwise please do feel welcome to reach out to our support team who are staffed to respond quickly to these types of issues.

I hope this helps!

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