AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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IT Newbie

Hello! I’m new to the field of Cloud Computing with no prior experience in the field of IT, i’m planning on switching careers and want to start with taking the AZ-900 Azure fundamentals course exams. I’d greatly appreciate any help I could get from anyone with regards to learning techniques and some guidance as to what a guy like me should look for when studying the industry and what the scope is for someone like me who has ZERO experience with IT. I look forward to an interesting and interactive session with the respondents 🙂


The sky is the limit ;-). Seriously: the answer highly depends on what you already know, where your interests lie. I would start with what you like, then search for jobs that use that technology and then look at the job descriptions what is more needed for these jobs. In general, you need at least some working experience before you will get a job. Ask people in your country to see what the possibilities in your neighborhood are. Good luck and, better, have a lot of fun learning Azure.

Yaser Hamid

Thanks alot for your reply Frederique really appreciate the motivation! 🙂

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Hi Yaser,

As Frederique also mentions, you are entering a world of endless opportunities. I would probably start with looking at the Azure Certification Guide I created for Azure, to get a sense of which path you’d like to pursue. AZ-900 is definitely the right start though. 

It would be a good idea to find a person that already has some experience in the cloud, who can help you get started. Someone to ask questions related to the AZ-900 curriculum, how it works in the real world, and where you should go deeper. 

Start building a little project on Azure. You can use one of the ACG projects as a guide, or build your own. Get your hands on the tools, use our Hands-on Labs, and get a sense for what the cloud services can do and how they work. 

Let us know how you go Yaser and post any questions in this forum or on discord


Yaser Hamid

Thanks Lars, I have already started working on the AZ-900 course you have created on this forum and am really enjoying it thus far! 🙂 Hopefully i’ll be able to appear for the exam once i’m done with the course!

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