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Is there an API to get the Monitor data ?

Is there an API to get the Monitor data ?

1 Answers

Hi Rufeng,

There is indeed:


Rufeng Xu-friedman

Thanks, Lars. I want to get the usedspace for a storage account. From your link, I tried the link –

Rufeng Xu-friedman

It returns ""displayDescription": "The amount of storage used by the storage account. For standard storage accounts, it’s the sum of capacity used by blob, table, file, and queue. For premium storage accounts and Blob storage accounts, it is the same as BlobCapacity or FileCapacity.", but it does not tell me the actual values. How do I get the actual data ?

Rufeng Xu-friedman

Hi Lars, I figured it out. Thank you so much. Your class is awesome. I am going to take AZ-900 exam on Sat. Will study hard ! Thanks again !

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