AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Is Azure can learn by Non technical person

Can we learn AZURE without prior knowledge on cloud and IT firm.


No. Azure is a cloud computing solution that transfers all on premise IT hardware and software solutions to the cloud. Without knowledge of this "classical" approach to IT, you will have little understanding of what to do and why. As Aaron said, you should really REALLY start with the fundamentals. Look at the courses from Comptia that cover fundamental IT topics like Then go onto cloud fundamentals and then, perhaps after a few years of experiencing and working with the basics (like helpdesk level jobs) you can dive into the cloud. Otherwise its like learning to tune a Ferrari, while you don’t even know what a car is.


To add to this: there is a pretty big gap in the course material between AZ-900 (fundamentals) and AZ-103 (administrator). With AZ-900 you get insight into what is possible with Azure. AZ-103 dives straight into the nuts and bolts and how you are to configure certain things, WITHOUT going into why you should be doing this. There are no usecases explained it’s just, here’s how you do it. That alone asumes a pretty big understanding of IT infrastructure. This is something you simply cannot do without. For instance: a lab on creating vnets and subnets is pretty straightforward for someone who knows his subnetting, but if you don’t you really dont have any reason to be doing that. In summary, With Azure you can build an entire infrastructure in the cloud. But knowledge of infrastructure is most certainly asumed and even mandatory for understanding the concepts.

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ACG is a great resource for non-technical individuals learning to develop skills around cloud technologies, however I suggest you start with the most basic courses first before starting with even the entry level certs. There are intro courses that would be a better place to start your learning, eventually working your way here.

Hi Santhosh,

The AZ-900 course has been designed from the ground up to teach Azure fundamentals to people with little or no technical background at all. Each chapter topic is explained both through extensive slides, story telling, practical examples and labs. 

I would recommend starting the AZ-900 course and if you come across concepts or services you don’t fully understand, then post another question here in the forum. I’ll do my very best to help you through the journey.


Yes! There is no pre-requisite in learning Azure and the AZ-900 in this platform will help you understand Azure basics and for sure can make you explain what each and every offering Azure currently has. Happy learning!

Anuradha Hiremath

I don’t have a technical background,but i am preparing on other CRM which i am able to understand..I was really looking forward to learn Microsoft Azure starting with the basics…Can i still think of going ahead with Azure…I see Santhosh has asked this question a year ago and the answer to it is mixed reviews…I really want to start with Azure…Can anybody guide me through which course i should start with?

Anuradha Hiremath

What i want to know is would it be totally ok to start fresh with Azure having a non-IT background

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